Slow cooker sausage pasta




Yield 6 serves

This slow cooker sausage pasta is so delicious! It is a great budget friendly recipe that will feed a crowd or make enough to freeze for later. 



The rest


  1. Add all of the sauce ingredients to the slow cooker and mix together.
  2. Add sausages and coat in the sauce.
  3. Cook in the slow cooker for 3+ hours on high or 6+ hours on low.
  4. Cook pasta according to packet instructions and drain then set aside. 
  5. Remove sausages from slow cooker and slice into 1cm pieces.
  6. Stir the cream cheese through the sauce.
  7. Add the sausages back to the sauce and stir in the cooked penne pasta. Season to taste with salt and pepper.
  8. Serve with plenty of grated cheese.

Extra step if you want to grill the cheese


Pasta bake

  • You can turn this into a pasta bake by adding the mixture to an oven proof dish after step 6, then scatter over grated cheese and baking until golden. This is also a great way to freeze for later since it makes so much. 

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